About Us

We are a consulting firm - not a contracting firm.

Our vision is to teach our Data Vault community to fish, not to hand them a fish.

At DataRebels we believe that the stronger and more knowledgeable we are as practitioners of our craft, the stronger and more expansive our influence becomes. The more advanced our techniques, designs, and implementations, then the greater the business value. We believe in delivering to our customers trustworthy, auditable, quality answers and solutions. 

Meet the Founder Cindi Meyersohn

She founded DataRebels in 2017 after 34+ years of working in a variety of IT capacities and positions.

Her passion is to see the DV2 community grow and succeed because she believes we hold the keys to the kingdom of data warehousing and big data analytic solutions. “We are on the cusp of a paradigm shift in the way in which data warehousing and big data analytics is conceived, perceived, and executed in the United States.”

“For us, success is engaging with our clients as a strategic partner whose sole purpose is to help them and our community find the best technical solutions given the emerging technologies, mixed messages, vendor promises, and work environment constraints and risks we all face.”

Life Lessons Learned

Having been in both the public and private sectors for so many years, and having worked in Operations and Maintenance as part of an IT organization, Cindi watched the sexy, fun, new technology projects going to contractors. While the internal IT group wanted desperately to have an opportunity to learn new tools and technologies, training was always “too expensive” and they were told it was “cheaper to bring consultants in.”  This is an unfortunate, but typical situation.

Contractors, at times, wonder why the internal IT employees resent them, and employers wonder why their internal IT resources are so resistant to the contractors that have been hired to “help them.” In the meantime, corporate management wonders why they can’t retain their technical talent — it’s because the internal staff is just sick and tired of doing the same thing day-in and day-out, ad nauseum, and they know the only way to learn something new is to leave!

Your greatest resources are your employees.  Don’t let your corporate or mission knowledge walk out the door.  Show them you value them by investing in their training and education.  Give them the tools they need to contribute individually to your success.

Big Data Analytics

Cindi has worked as a Data Vault 2.0 (DV2) Solution Architect with responsibilities ranging from the design, development,  implementation, and technical guidance of Enterprise Data Warehouse/big data analytics builds to crafting processes surrounding data acquisition and ingest, data governance and Master Data Management policy and compliance, development and team leadership.


Cindi has held a DoD clearance for nearly 18 years and is qualified to train, discuss, and provide guidance for US government secure environments. She has spent the past five years leading the architectural design, implementation, and data ingest development of Data Vault 2.0 solutions at the DoD. Cindi holds a MS in Systems Engineering from George Washington University and a BS in Information Systems from Strayer University.


“I have known Cindi for about 5 years. She is honest, open and dedicated to getting the work done. Not only does she get the work done, she makes every possible effort to get it done right and with integrity. She has the right attitude to lead teams down the path of success. I have contracted her as an Authorized Trainer for Data Vault Certification – she is one of 7 authorized trainers in the world. I have rigorous standards that people need to meet in order to qualify as an authorized trainer, and Cindi has met all of those standards. I am happy to work with her on a day-to-day basis, and I believe she is a value-added asset to any organization.”

Do you need someone to tell you the truth about your Data Warehouse?
Do you want your big data analytics project to actually succeed?
You need Cindi!

Troy Belanger
Data Vault 2.0 (DV2) Solution Architect
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