Our Data Vault CDVP2® Boot Camp class provides an introduction to the Data Vault 2.0 System of Business Intelligence as well as intermediate topics. This course covers the business justification for the DV 2.0 solution and provides a technical overview of the solution’s methodology, architecture, and model – basically the why, what, and how aspects of designing, building, and implementing a DV 2 Enterprise Data Warehouse. Course includes a practicum in hands-on design and discusses ELT/ETL best practices as well as SQL code examples/templates.

Updated my knowledge 🙂 Thank you Cindi Meyersohn for the training

I am now officially a Certified Data Vault 2.0 Practitioner! Many thanks to our wonderful CDVP2 course trainer Cindi Meyersohn for making this possible!

Thank you Cindi Meyersohn for your training and guidance. Thank you Michael Hiteand Veronika Durgin for sponsoring and support. #certified #challenging #datavault

Course Agenda

Instructor-led Course


  • CDVP2® Boot Camp – Manager Overview – Attendees only participate in Days 1 & 2
  • DVP2® Boot Camp w/Certification Exam – includes full curriculum – Days 1 thru 7 and Hands-On Workshop

DataRebels offers the CDVP2 course along two different schedules – the standard 3-day schedule and a newly introduced 7-day schedule.

The 3-day schedule runs roughly 9 hours each day including breaks and a one-hour lunch period.

The 7-day schedule runs for 5 hours each day including two breaks and a 30-minute lunch period.

The start and stop times for class are posted with each Eventbrite course listing.  Pay close attention to the timezone and start time for the class that you’ve registered for.

The agenda outline for both class schedule types are provided below.

The Start and End Times for Breaks and Lunch are approximate.

DataRebels schedules Vendor tool demonstrations for students in order to provide live illustrations of how and why the Data Vault 2.0 solution naturally lends itself to automation and acceleration.  DataRebels does not endorse the vendors or their tools.  The vendors invited to demo their tools are not provided with student contact information, and no student information is shared with the vendor.

Student participation in vendor tool demos are strictly voluntary. 

Vendors are given 45 minutes to demo their tools either during the lunch break of the 3-Day courses or immediately after class during the 7-Day courses.

• Students are expected to have basic knowledge of the Data Vault 2.0 model, which is available by reading the book, “Building a Scalable Data Warehouse with Data Vault 2.0”.

• Please note: this is a professional course, as a student, you are expected to have the following experience before enrolling or attending:

  • 1 year of SQL experience
  • 1 years’ experience of Star Schema or 3NF
  • 1 year of data warehousing or BI experience
  • Basic understanding of Dev/Test/Production environments
  • Understanding data preparation concepts
  • Knowledge of data modeling concepts

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