Celebrate Women’s History at the WWDVC

For this post, guest blogger Sanjay Pande of DataVaultAlliance drops in to give his take on the women speaking at the upcoming World Wide Data Vault Consortium (WWDVC) 2023.

It’s Women’s History Month, a time where we can highlight women in the Data Warehousing space.

The representation of women at our annual event has been consistently growing year over year. This year, there is quite a lineup of women speakers, beginning with the Premium Monday Business Program, to be held the day before the regular technical sessions begin. These Premium sessions focus on communicating about Data Vault with the business side of your organizations. Over 50% of sessions on the first day of the Premium Program will be given by women – you can see the schedule here for  yourself:  https://wwdvc.com/schedule

Here’s the FULL LINEUP of women speaking at WWDVC 2023:
1. Meg Rush – Will not only be opening the conference with the first session but also is our Opening Keynote Speaker. Her session “Leave the Geek Speak at the Door” is sure to be engaging and entertaining.

2. Paola Saibene – “Igniting and Accelerating Digital Initiatives.”

3. Jennifer Stirrup – “Disciplined Agile Delivery for the Accidental Project Manager.”

4. Heli Helskyaho – “Make Better Business Decisions Using Good Quality Data.”

5. Kim Worsham – “From Data to Business Value: Let’s Get This Right.” 

6. Cindi Meyersohn– Our very own Cindi will be presenting on one of the hottest topics today, “Applying DV 2.0 Methodology to Data Mesh Theory.”

7. Theresa Ayerst (with Mike Ens) – “IFRS: The Rise of Data Vault.”  

As the number of women in technology careers continues to grow, DataRebels is proud to sponsor events with a high number of women speaking, teaching, and sharing their expertise among the data analytics community. We hope to see you at WWDVC 2023! Should you wish to register, be sure to use code: DRContest2023 to receive 15% off the regular ticket price.  To learn more about the conference and to register, visit www.wwdvc.com.


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